Monday, September 25, 2017

October pages for Simple Scrapper: GenCon and a piano player

October is almost upon us, so I thought I'd post the pages I completed for October Simple Scrapper. The first is about my son the piano player.

We didn't foist an instrument upon either son, although we think instrument playing is important. In elementary school Rowan, our tinkerer, decided he wanted to learn piano. He switched teachers this past year due to his former teacher taking on a full-time music job and closing her studio, so this age celebrates his new teacher, who has encouraged him to practice composing as well as playing.

Confession: I made this page as a 12x12 page, but it occupied too much space, so I trimmed it down.

I made the scallop border by punching circles and cutting them in half.

Next is a page I made about my sons' first trip to GenCon with Dad. Derick has gone several times before, and I've never scrapped it; this time I did, using some ancient Night Light die cuts from October Afternoon.

I got the pictures from my husband and my eldest son.

Thank you for visiting! Please visit Simple Scrapper to see all they have to offer, including story starters, sketches/digital templates, and a monthly magazine!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Happy layers on a scrapbook page

The school year has started out. We're not too busy with writing yet, though it's coming soon. Mostly we've been enjoying the start of Dominic's last year in middle school and the start of Rowan's first year in high school. Here's a page I made recently about the two of them and a stint in Dinner Theater:

They'd seen the show for several years and dreamed of being in it, so I want to remember each year they do it. Since it's so dark at the show, I only included one shot of the finale number, which was well lit; the one of the boys I took after.

To lighten the photos, I picked a light background paper and happy-colored Project Life cards to layer over it. They weren't enough, so I added a couple strips of scrap paper. I put the photos on top, then embellished.

Before I stuck everything down, I added some mist for some texture. Here's some details:

I don't have a lot of the Illustrated Faith line, but I was happy to use it on this page.

Some old and beloved Basic Grey layered flowers worked well for contrast on this layout.

After I was finished, I realized how symbolic, albeit inadvertently, the background paper with crosses was. My son the stickler, however, said, "They're pluses not crosses ,Mom." He obviously won't be the English teacher. Sigh.

Thank you for coming today! I hope this gave you ideas about adding colors and layers to capture the feeling on the page, even when the photos aren't stellar.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Ombre stitching on a scrapbook layout

The September sketches at Simple Scrapper are truly inspiring. After I made my pages for the magazine this month, I made another one based off another sketch, a page about my older boy's favorites from Hawaii. The sketch had a repeated title, and since this was about Hawaii, I decided to make the title ALOHA. And since rainbows were so frequent and symbolize Hawaii, I decided to make a rainbow stitched title.

For more interest, I decided to make the stitched title ombre, with the most intense colors at the top and the least intense at the bottom, sort of like the background patterned paper. I started by selecting rainbow DMC in three intensities:

Next, I cut the title in a blocky font on my Cameo and used the negative space to trace the title across the page.

After this, I used my paper piercer and foam pad to punch holes for stitching. I eyeballed it, but the holes are about 1/4 inch apart. When the letter went under a photo, I made the hole be at the edge of the photo.

To stitch, I did some estimates first: I figured that I would have about 3/4 of a letter for each color. I stitched the brightest first, and that served as a template for the rest of the stitching. Where I shifted into a new color in my first title, I did the same with the same colors on the rest of the page. Here's the final:

I used some Kelly Purkey label stamps in bright colors around the page along with some leftover Primas I have to embellish. Not too much was needed after the titles.

I never used the medium purple since the final A was always covered up!

Thank you for visiting! This was somewhat labor intensive, but it was fun to do while I watched TV, so I hope it inspired you to do some stitching on your pages.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Bulletin-board scrapbooking design

When I was in college, I had a bulletin board on which I kept various photos and mementos. Later I put the photos in frames, then albums, but I remember the process of putting down photos then filling in the gaps with stuff. I did that same thing recently with a few pages. First was a year-end review page I did for 2016:

I used several photos from the year. I split the page between two pieces of patterned paper, layered some on a Project Life card and used another for journaling, then used bits of Ali Edwards' kits to fill in the blanks. It works.

I did something similar with a page about my son's recent birthday:

The photos were different sized, which left some gaps when I put them on the page. I dug out some birthday themed stickers and some similarly hued embellishments to round out the page. I think this was mostly Crate Paper.

I adhered some elements, like the camera and frame, with pop dots for greater dimension.

With some stickers, I just layer them flat on top of each other.

As always, I like to stitch some stickers down, partly for decoration and partly for adhesive.

Thank you for visiting! I hope this gave you some ideas for fitting together oddly shaped photos. I'll be back with more pages I scrapped this summer later this week.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Scrapbooking with paper strips

I have trouble getting rid of paper strips. I keep my narrow strips in a spaghetti holder.

Every now and then, I like to use strips of paper to make up the bulk of the page. (When I make these pages, I call myself a stripper. Heh.) I did that with the following layout. I had an 8x12 photo, so I only had some narrow space at the top and bottom of the page, so I dug through my strips and picked them in three hues for contrast: blues, neutrals, and brights.

Blues alone were too blah, so I had to pick some colors for contrast.

And here's my final page:

After I selected my strips, I went through my stickers to find colors and shapes that would match and contrast. Some I stitched down for interest and practicality (some of my stickers only stick with hesitance).

Thank you for visiting! I will be sharing a couple pages I made recently with what I call bulletin-board scrapbooking later this week.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Scrapbooking your hobbies: a Pokemon Go mini-album

Confessions: Last summer my family, like many others, started playing Pokemon Go. We played as a family for almost a year, and my husband and I still play. Every time we went to different places to walk around and catch 'em all, I'd take a picture, usually a family selfie. Even though my boys don't play anymore, I wanted to make a mini album to record this hobby from the past year. Here's what I did:

Since Pokeballs are a big part of the game, and they are round, I wanted a round album. I had no mini-albums that were plain circles, but I thought this scalloped mini-album from October Afternoon would suffice.

I knew circles and Pokeballs would be a part of my design, but I didn't want to be too literal, so I found some patterned paper and paint that could suggest Pokeballs and their colors and shapes. If you know the game, you can see the red that is the ball, plus the line and dot in the middle, plus the black, all of which suggests the ball.

To complete this project, I went through my buttons, die cuts, and stickers, pulling the red ones that I thought I could use. on this project. I then used circle punches on the patterned paper to make the inside pages. Here's the album:

This was sort of the cover page. Remember the red balls in front of Target? During the Pokemon craze, they painted the balls to look like Pokeballs. I took a picture of the boys last year and used it here.

This design would be the template for each page: a couple circles of patterned paper behind the photo, then some hand journaling. Here's the rest of the pages:

Each of these is a two-page spread. The title and journaling would be on one page and the photo on the other. After I adhered everything, I went back and embellished. I chose a small, simple lettering stamp set to stamp the title on each page, which I did right after I'd adhered everything.

NOTE: I messed up this first title. I knew it was Lake Harriet but for some reason I stamped Calhoun, which is the next photo. And this is why I added the blue strip and the tag.

When the title had the circles to the right like on this spread, I stamped from right to left to make sure there was enough space.

For longer titles, I had to be flexible and creative. Abbreviations and hyphenation ensued.

I only did two places twice, very practically to fill the whole album, so I used my two favorite Pokemon locations.

That embellishment cluster on the photo exists because I dropped ANOTHER photo backed with adhesive on it. I convered the adhesive with the cluster. Gah.

And to finish the album, I wrote about what we do with Pokemon today.

Thank you for letting me share this geeky passion and how I commemorated it! Tell me, do you scrapbook your hobbies? And do you play Pokemon?

Friday, August 25, 2017

5 Vacation Faves 2017: a mini-album

I mentioned before that my family had the vacation of a lifetime this summer: we traveled to Hawaii, Oahu specifically. As I do with every vacation, I made a mini album celebrate our family's favorites on vacation. This year was a little different, however.

First, I made a vacation travel kit to take with on vacation:

The case was my husband's and it came as packaging for an iPad case he's bought. It was magnetic and had been given to me by my husband, who thought I might want to use it for a project (he was right!). I dug through my travel stash for scraps that went together, trimmed them to fit each side, then glued them in with Mod Podge. (One note: the case was glossy, and the papers had some trouble sticking down, even when I smoothed them down. I think next time I would scuff the case surface before Mod Podging the paper on.)

After I adhered the paper and it dried, I added more Mod Podge to seal it. Here's what the case looks like:

Because the cover was a mix of scraps, I added some tags to make it look purposeful.

I gesso'd the corners and did some scruffing on the edges of the paper in anticipation of this kit getting banged up a bit on travels.

Here's what I packed in the kit:

I took this on the plane with me, though I put the adhesive and scissors in my checked bag. (I also packed a glue stick.) The baggy of products on the left came from the Making Memories Panorama collection, which was sort of tropical themed. I liked the small size of the chipboard tag album and planned on making my mini album in it. I made the album on our final morning in Hawaii, trimming pieces of maps from our tour guides to back the chipboard on every page except the cover. I left that blank and completed that and added photos when I returned.

And here's the album:

When I got home, I asked everyone what their five favorites were, and I journaled, then I printed photos for each page.

Since the cover had textures on it, I painted it before decorating it. I did this when I got home. I used two shades of clue and white, and I painted in circles to mimic the patterns. Here's the inside pages.

Next time I think I won't embellish the photo pages on vacation; too hard to prise the stickers up to place the photos!

Last year I think I forgot to get a solo picture of myself, so I had to cobble one from a group shot for my mini-album. This year I made sure to take selfies as well. I belong in the vacation album too.

More crinkly stickers from prising them up. Gah.

Since my mother was on the vacation with us, she got a page too! I love her very specific list.

Thank you for visiting! I am so glad that I made a travel kit and look forward to using it every year. I will swap out different products based on the location we're going to. I think I used everything on this mini but the stamps and ink, and that's because of what I backed the mini-album pages with.

This is one of my favorite projects every year, and it's my family's favorite too. I hope this gives you an idea for recording your family's best memories from vacations.